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Duration: 164 Minutes 37 Seconds. Views: 1,661,414
Naya Jigar is the Hindi dubbed version of Snehamante Idera starring Nagarjuna, Bhoomika Chawla and Sumanth. Aravind (Akkineni Nagarjuna), Chandru (Sumanth) and Krishna Murthy (Sudhakar) are childhood friends. They are inseparable. Chandru and Krishna Murthy are orphans, who are generously brought up by the parents of Aravind. By the time they reach their 20's, Aravind's sister Amrita (Pratyusha) falls in love with Chandru. Chandru hesitates to love her, as she is the sister of his close friend Aravind. Chandru seeks the help of Krishna Murthy to give him some tips to avoid Amrita. After the entire episode, Aravind and Chandru visit Hyderabad to join the work done by Krishna Murthy. When this trio goes for a job of renovating an old palatial house, Aravind encounters a cute girl Padmini (Bhoomika Chawla). A mischief by the jealous cousin sister of Padmini invokes a love from the side of Aravind towards Padmini. When Padmini was about to get engaged to a third guy Chandru jumps in to spoil the party and announces that Padmini cheated Aravind after loving him. The rest of the film is about how the pairs of Arvind - Padmini and Chandru - Amrita get united in the climax.
Geraftaar│full Movie│sumanth, Kajal Aggarwal
Geraftaar│full Movie│sumanth, Kajal Aggarwal
Views: 1464797
Duration: 142:33

Meri Taaqat│full Hindi Movie│venkatesh,...
Meri Taaqat│full Hindi Movie│venkatesh, Nayantara
Views: 2281914
Duration: 150:23

Meri Shapath│full Movie│gopichand, Anushka...
Meri Shapath│full Movie│gopichand, Anushka Shetty
Views: 1235067
Duration: 139:14

Jaanwar│full Movie│jagapati Babu, Neha Oberoi
Jaanwar│full Movie│jagapati Babu, Neha Oberoi
Views: 716650
Duration: 133:17

Ek Aur Haqiqat
Ek Aur Haqiqat
Views: 1309294
Duration: 145:38

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