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Duration: 1 Minutes 40 Seconds. Views: 231,235
Go to to save huge on Quilting Quickly with Jenny Doan! About Quilting Quickly: ------------------------------- Taught by quilting expert, Jenny Doan, this course provides the necessary foundation to help beginners learn to quilt, and shows more advanced quilters time-saving tips for producing gorgeous blocks. We'll go through quilting terminology, quilting products and their uses, basic blocks, and the essential skills and techniques necessary to piece the quilt top and finish your quilt! We welcome you to the world of quilting quickly, but we warn you, once you start quilting, you may never stop! About Jenny Doan: -------------------------- Veteran quilter Jenny Doan has risen to stardom in the quilting world with her YouTube quilting tutorials. A former costume designer, mother of 7 children and 20 grandchildren, people love Jenny's approachable demeanor and contagious enthusiasm for quilting. Jenny and her loving husband live in the small town of Hamilton, Missouri where they run a popular local quilt shop, the Missouri Star Quilt Company, with several of their children.
How To: Sashing Tips For Framing Your Quilt...
How To: Sashing Tips For Framing Your Quilt Blocks With Jenny Doan From Quilting Quickly
Views: 51546
Duration: 1:43

Machine Quilting: Free-motion & More With...
Machine Quilting: Free-motion & More With Wendy Butler Berns On
Views: 77512
Duration: 0:55

How To: Make Super-speedy Half-square Triangles...
How To: Make Super-speedy Half-square Triangles From Quilting Quickly With Jenny Doan
Views: 55007
Duration: 2:13

Walking Foot Techniques From Machine Quilting...
Walking Foot Techniques From Machine Quilting With Wendy Butler Berns
Views: 103638
Duration: 5:18

Friendship Braid Quilt Idea Using Half Hex Ruler
Friendship Braid Quilt Idea Using Half Hex Ruler
Views: 233958
Duration: 2:2

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