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Duration: 9 Minutes 41 Seconds. Views: 68,626
***Attention***{Update as of 03/16/2012} Sorry to hear that the link doesn't work anymore. They must've removed it due to I am not being a premium membership. I will not re-upload the mod and I am very sorry. I recommend you guys play the new Total War games such as Shogun 2 Total War and Rome 2 Total War (not yet released). ***Attention*** {Updates as of 07/21/2012}: {{The links are ready for download now!}} For those of you who already have Rome Total War or Barbarian Invasion installed on your computer - guess what, you will need to uninstall those. For those of you who don't have these games - guess what? You can play Three Kingdom Total War full version because the downloads I provided you is full version of the game + the Three Kingdmmod + Alexander expansion. Sorry for making the whole package so big... but that was the way I backed it up. I don't have the original installers and I have no idea how to split current game files. Download link:,t2hen88c4psbv46,yzsowb1nr5xj115,i8wlh8uhj5hhl8v,wgglf24adt9icq9,z570ki8gtgu88gr,cnb4ukcp2mq75qy,ijjslwnun5nzz34,tlnswt33y2x2r16,701xog141m57ggp,1f2l13s3bl6fphl,fpqjq5xsohawna2,n1704pktag9rcad,cclp31of5opb8aw,jwh231csy93jj33,15fwk1jqth9z4dh,vyij1c5a62jsdif,6ytwmftl6uw72a7,kivvrbn0jn82bbz,bn1hcn0ji8ka4z0,zzjbw5qdp90dakc,4dqlca2aldbp618,3putbk2w5452498,y89wguykfzzq9a1,9fc2zz4tr78j58g,n8cu40i2gxrrju9,z9iio7f8wc3cdwf If the game doesn't work please tell me - I will re-upload the files. If the game works - please save often because it does crash (just like Barbarian Invasion - not too often though). ***Attention*** - {Updates as of 07/28/2012} Hi guys, I want to provide you guys some installation guide to make sure you don't waste time downloading the game and then can't play. ***First of all Make sure the .rar files are not corrupted - if the .rar files are less than 100mb each then it must've been corrupted or incomplete (except the last file - 63.4mb). Installation guide: 1. Uninstall Rome total war and Barbarian Invasion before extracting the .rar files. 2. After finish downloading all .rar files, extract the first .rar file and it will automatically extract and merge all .rar files together. 3. Then you will get one folder named Total War TK. Go inside the folder and you will see RomeTW-BI.exe - this is what you need to run to play Three Kingdoms Mod. 4. Copy the whole folder to some safe place such as Documents or Program Files and then create shortcut for RomeTW-BI.exe in desktop.
Scout 35 Kills Streak - Hon - 2 Immortals
Scout 35 Kills Streak - Hon - 2 Immortals
Views: 21996
Duration: 9:40

Total War: Rome 2 - Battle Of The 300!
Total War: Rome 2 - Battle Of The 300!
Views: 484515
Duration: 35:37

Battle Of Alesia - Caesar In Gaul! - Total War -...
Battle Of Alesia - Caesar In Gaul! - Total War - Rome 2
Views: 484146
Duration: 40:20

Total War: Rome Ii Angry Review
Total War: Rome Ii Angry Review
Views: 2083977
Duration: 43:36

Rome: Total War 2 Massive Battles - 4,800 Archers...
Rome: Total War 2 Massive Battles - 4,800 Archers Vs 6,500 Melee (massacre) [ultra/1080p]
Views: 340099
Duration: 16:45

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