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Duration: 6 Minutes 37 Seconds. Views: 673,412
To order Instructional DVDs : This is the version of the Booty Wurk we do here in San Antonio. In the original version, this is a ONE WALL dance... i added the 1/2 turn instead of the full turn on the second rotation Dance created by Delonda QueenDee Johnson Song: Booty Wurk - T-Pain To order my Instructional DVDs : facebook page: COME TO A LINE DANCE CLASS HERE IN SAN ANTONIO: Steph's Line Dance Studio 117 E Wright Universal City, TX 78148 DISCLAIMER: NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED, I DO NOT OWN THIS MUSIC NOR DID I CREATE THIS DANCE THE MUSIC AND DANCES ARE FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES.
Best Wedding Dance Ever!!
Best Wedding Dance Ever!!
Views: 1195147
Duration: 7:54

Booty Wurk - T-pain Zumba With Mallory Hotmess
Booty Wurk - T-pain Zumba With Mallory Hotmess
Views: 928861
Duration: 4:0

"booty Wurk" By T Pain - Choreography By Lauren...
Booty Wurk By T Pain - Choreography By Lauren Fitz For Dance Fitness
Views: 372869
Duration: 5:38

The Bikers Shuffle (milwaukee Version)
The Bikers Shuffle (milwaukee Version)
Views: 1191570
Duration: 5:36

Booty Wurk Line Dance Performed By The Beautiful...
Booty Wurk Line Dance Performed By The Beautiful Me Dance Aerobics Class
Views: 114766
Duration: 4:13

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